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All works except “Patty Hearst” are published by Emotomat Music (ASCAP). All inquiries regarding sheet music (and performance audio tracks, where applicable) may be directed to the composer. Some early pieces have not been transferred to notation software, and other pieces require technological updates. This work will be ongoing, so please inquire about the current status of any particular piece.


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Assembly Required (2019)  40.00
Conversation 1 (Introduction)
Song 1
Dance 1
Conversation 2 (Argument)
Song 2
Dance 2
Last Dance
clar/b.clar, sop/tenor sax, viola, e. guitar, e. bass, piano, drumset/glockenspiel


Last Time Told   (2012)   14.30
flute, oboe, violin, cello, mandolin, acoustic guitar


Mind Out Of Matter (2009-15)  74.00 << audio >>
Cow Design
Invisible Agents
Good For Itself
Path Up
flute, oboe, 2 clarinets (doubling bass clarinet & alto sax), bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, 2 violins (1 doubling electric guitar), viola, cello, bass (doubling electric bass) piano/keyboard, 2 percussion, sampled speech


Stalking Horse (2007) 12.00
chamber orchestra, solo electric guitar


Pact (2006) 29.00 << audio >>
In For The Ride
Love And Display
Anthem Hunt
How It’s Done
Job To Do
cello, e. guitar, piano, db. bass/e. bass, sampled speech


Up And Back (2005) 16.00 << audio >>
Wind On The Mountain
Breath In My Throat
shamisen, electric guitar, cello, piano


Bowery Haunt (2005) 9.00 << audio >>
2 electric guitars


Gone (2004) 10.00
electric or acoustic guitar


Americans (2003) 20.30 << audio >>
Universal Phenomenon
Your Host
Continental Divide
clar/b.clar, sop/tenor sax, viola, e. guitar, e. bass, piano, drumset, sampled speech


The Pietist And The Hedonist (2000-2) 15.30
The Pietist
The Hedonist
flute, clar/bass clar, violin, cello, piano, percussion


The Illusion Of Guidance (2002) 10.00 << audio >>
clar, cello, double bass, e. guitar, piano, marimba/perc.


The Value Of People And Things (1997-9) 23.30
Worth Having
Maybe You
violin, cello, e. guitar, piano, sampled speech


Jet Lag Lounge (1998) 10.30


Convertible Debts (1994-6) 17.00 << audio >>
Air Compressor
violin, cello, e. guitar, piano, MIDI percussion, sampled speech


Rent Party (1994) 22.00 << audio >>
violin, cello


How It Happens (the voice of I.F. Stone) (1991-3) 67.00 << audio >>
The Clouds 4.00
It Raged 8.00
Signals 10.00
Soliloquy 13.10
Cold War Suite 11.30
Lawless Things
Perfect Weapon
What Would Have Happened
Rainfall 20.00
string quartet, sampled speech, with MIDI-controlled percussion and synthesizers on some sections


Confetti of Flesh (I Am New York City) (1990) 10.30 << audio >>
soprano, viola, piano/synthesizer, percussion (marimba/drumset)


Rock/Paper/Scissors (1989-94) 40.00 << audio >>
Glass House
violin, cello, electric guitar, synthesizer


Patty Hearst (1988) 42.00 << audio >>
Persistence Of Vision
Motel TV
My Real Crime
Rest Home
Young Once
Cinque’s Vision
Pen Chorale
violin, cello, electric guitar, synthesizers, percussion -- MIDI-controlled sampled speech, percussion, and synthesizers

Practical Music (1988, revised 2001) 11.45 << audio >>
Original version: clar/synthesizer wind controller, piano
Revised version: clar/bass clar, violin, cello, piano


3 Notes And Change (1987)
4 sax, 2 trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, 6 percussion


Khaibit B (1987) 4.30 << audio >>
flute, sop sax, bass clar, 2 e. guitar, e. bass, marimba, drumset


U79 (1987) 13.10
solo electric guitar, tape (e. guitar quartet, e. bass, electronically manipulated speech)


Simple Engines (1986) 9.00 << audio >>
flute/alto sax, sop/bari sax, b.clar/tenor sax, 2 e. guitars, e. bass, e. keyboard, marimba/drumset


Bird In The Domes (1986) 26.00
Absent Rooms
string quartet


Alibi (1985) 9.30
solo electric guitar, MIDI-controlled synthesizers and sampled percussion


Before Winter (1984-5) 26.00
Before Winter I
Before Winter II
flute/alto sax, sop/bari sax, b.clar/tenor sax, 2 e. guitars, e. bass, marimba/perc, drumset


Interrupt (1983) 13.00
Alto, tenor, and baritone sax, 2 electric guitars, electric bass, drumset


No Memory (1983) 11.30
solo electric guitar, tape (e. guitar quartet, e. bass, electronically manipulated speech)


Five Movements (1980-82) 36.00 << audio >>
Steel Shower
Ghost Blues
Epiphany Machine
Four Witnesses
solo electric guitar, live electronics


John Somebody (1980-82) 28.00 << audio >>
Part I
Part II
But, uh
Involuntary Songs I-IV
solo electric guitar, tape (taped speech, electronics, e. guitars, winds, percussion)


Natural Postures (1980)
tape (taped speech, altered telephone sounds, electric guitars)


Home And Variations (1979)
tape (taped speech)



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