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“Mind Out of Matter” received its New York and Boston premieres in March 2016 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and at Tuft University's Granoff Music Center.  This major new evening length work pairs the sampled voice of renowned philosopher and Darwinian Daniel C. Dennett with the celebrated ensemble Alarm Will Sound.  Professor Dennett was on hand to receive standing ovations at both concerts. 

"Mind Out of Matter" examines the roots of supernatural ideas within the workings of human minds and cultures, and offers an alternative and celebratory vision of human consciousness arising naturally from the physical universe.  Daniel C. Dennett's own voice, taken from public appearances and interviews with the composer, is the main source for the musical phrases within the rock-inflected instrumental score.  A studio recording has been made, and the CD length work will be released in 2017.

Also in the pipeline is a complete recording of “Pact”, performed by members of the Paul Dresher Ensemble, and an upcoming recording of “Up and Back”, for shamisen, electric guitar, cello, and piano.



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