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Excerpts from other works can be heard by going to Compositions, and clicking on any title with an << audio >> marking.


Listen 4.57
(from Convertible Debts)
violin, cello, electric guitar, piano, MIDI percussion, sampled speech


The Illusion of Guidance 10.05
clarinet, cello, acoustic bass, electric guitar, piano, marimba/percussion


Continental Divide 7.41
(from Americans)
soprano sax, bass clarinet, viola, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, drumset, sampled speech


Stone 5.55
(from Rock/Paper/Scissors)
violin, cello, electric guitar, synthesizer


John Somebody (Part I) 5.44
solo electric guitar, electric guitars and bass, electronics, taped speech


June 6.45
(from Rent Party)
violin, cello



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